Version: 0.2.0

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1. Upload a meta-proteome FASTA file
The unannotated meta-proteome FASTA file against which you performed your MS/MS searches.
A short description of this file, e.g. "Antarctic run-off proteome 2017"
2. Select GO annotation BLAST database
This is the database against which protein sequences from your meta-proteome will be BLASTed to obtain Gene Ontology annotations.
Uniprot database: Uniprot sprot Uniprot trembl Uniprot sprot+trembl (bacterial only)
3. Choose how to use BLAST hits
Choose the BLAST e-value cutoff, and whether to use GO annotations for all matches meeting the cutoff or only the top hit.
Blast e-value cutoff:
Use only top hit?
4. Your email address
Used only to send your links to your data when it's ready to view
Email address: